Which floss is best?

container-of-dental-floss-smlThe best floss is one that will encourage daily use because it is

  • Easy to use
    – A water irrigator, water pick, or electric flosser can help you remove food in hard-to-reach places—and is especially helpful if you have arthritis or braces or permanent dental work—but it doesn’t remove plaque
    – A floss threader can aid in cleaning around braces and other dental appliances
  • Economical
    This is one place you don’t recycle and reuse—start with about 18 inches of new floss and move to a clean section of floss for each tooth
  • A flavor you like
    Floss comes unflavored and in bacon, banana, breakfast, cinnamon, cupcake, mint, pickle, ranch, and wild fruit flavors.
  • The right thickness
    Floss must fit between each tooth so you will need to determine whether waxed and/or single strand (for tightly spaced teeth) or unwaxed and/or multistrand floss (for some spacing between teeth) is best for you
  • Allergen free
    Culprits may include wax and rubber
  • Sanitary
    Look for store packaging AND home storage that keeps your floss germ-free

What floss will you choose to use daily?

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