What is the difference between Invisalign for Adults and Invisalign for Teens?

Adults who choose Invisalign Orthodontics often do so to improve their confidence and their appearance. This is especially true when

  • They are self-conscious about their smileInvisalign Adults
  • They spend their days interacting with customers
  • Their professional success is based on outward appearance
  • They want to look younger and more attractive
  • They have an upcoming reunion
  • They are about to marry or be promoted

Adult Invisalign treatment usually takes about a year.

Teens who choose Invisalign are often encouraged to do so by

  • Teen InvisalignA parent who has an idea of how those permanent teeth are going to develop because they look just like his/her mouth did at that age
  • A dentist who knows the risks of crooked teeth and improper bites
  • An oral surgeon who sees either too many teeth for such a small mouth or wisdom teeth pushing other teeth out of alignment
  • Another adult in the child’s life who knows the benefits of Invisalign for boosting self-confidence, especially at a time when metal braces would cause feelings of self-worth to plummet

Treatment time varies by individual but typically takes longer than adult treatment because a teen’s teeth and jaw are maturing.

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