What flossing tools are best for people with crowns or dental implants?

When you have a dental implant or a crown, flossing is no less important. It simply takes more care.

A water irrigator, also called a water pick or electric flosser, can help you reach trapped food particles and free them from your dental work. Battery and electric options are available so make your choice based on how often you will want to travel with your water pick, where your electric outlet is located, and whether or not you object to using batteries to power appliances.

Depending on the type of dental implant you have and its location, you may be able to use a floss threader. This creates a dental floss loop that you work around your dental work. Check with your dentist first, however, to see whether you should simply be pushing floss down next to a crown and pulling it straight out (instead of up and out).

Brush and floss often so you stay ahead of bacteria and plaque that want to take up residence.

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