What flossing tools are best for people with braces?

If you wear braces, you are on your way to a beautiful smile but you have some special challenges right now with flossing your teeth.

A floss threader will create a loop of dental floss that you can work around your braces or through the gaps between your teeth and your permanent retainer.

A water pick, also called a water irrigator or electric flosser, uses a stream of water to dislodge food stuck in your braces or retainer. Electric and battery-powered models are available so you can choose based on where you will be using the device (and how close to an electric outlet you may be).

Youyoung lady with dental bracesr best tool, however, is you. Choose foods that are less likely to get stuck to your braces and brush often so food debris does not become cemented to your braces.

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