What causes cavities?

There are several factors that contribute to cavity formation. They include

  • Using honey on a baby鈥檚 pacifier
  • Letting a child fall asleep sucking on a bottle of any liquid except water
  • Infrequent brushing and flossing of teeth
  • Not being thorough enough when brushing
  • Constant eating and drinking throughout the day with no regard to good dental habits
  • Leaving sugary or sticky foods and liquids sitting on teeth instead of rinsing one鈥檚 mouth with water after eating and drinking
  • Making unhealthy food choices
  • Pregnancy
  • A family history of weakened teeth
  • Dry Mouth

patient consultationHere at Hughes and Hughes, we鈥檒l work with you to develop a plan to avoid future cavities. Give us a call for an exam and consultation.

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