Twos for your teeth

Remember these rules of two for a healthy smile:young girl brushing teeth

  • Brush for 2 minutes at least 2x/day
  • Divide your brushing time evenly between the 2 upper and 2 lower sides of your mouth
  • Floss 2x/day, preferably after you brush
  • Replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months or sooner if the bristles become bent out of shape
  • Come in to Hughes & Hughes Family Dentistry 2x/year
  • Before your next appointment, take 2 minutes to jot down any concerns you may have about your teeth and gums so you can join us in being proactive about your dental health

And remember, it’s almost never “2” early to get your child started with good dental health practices and a visit to a kids’ dentist. Our kid-friendly staff provides dental care starting in the preschool years. Orthodontic care is also available for our elementary school, middle school, and high school dental patients.

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