Teeth whitening – what you need to know about improving your smile

smiling woman with white teeth

Have you ever thought about getting your teeth whitened? How did you imagine the process would play out? If you’re like most people, you’re picturing hours upon hours of time spent back in the dentist chair, spread out over multiple sessions. It may come as a surprise to you then, that this process for teeth whitening is done in the comfort of your home and, even better, in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Getting a brighter, whiter smile should come with the help of your dentist. While over-the-counter whitening products may seem like an easier fix, your dentist knows your dental history and therefore the best manner in which to proceed. Your dentist can also be there with you every step of the way, to help you appreciate how the product works as well as counter issues you may have. Once the process is complete, regular professional cleanings will extend the benefits of the whitening.

This take-home whitening gel is available only through a licensed dental professional. The product we use is offered to you in the form of custom-made trays, providing not only a simple and pain-free whitening experience, but also a remedy that is specifically adjusted for your smile. The trays hold a gel aimed at dissolving the stains set deep within your teeth in a manner that is both reliable and convenient to the user.

If you find yourself wondering whether or not teeth whitening is even a viable option for you, fear not. While the duration of the treatment can differ from person to person, achieving the results you desire is a matter of consulting with your dentist to determine the strategy that best fits your needs and availability. The finished product is dependable and won’t go away after your first cup of coffee. If you’re a smoker or drink beverages that could stain your teeth (e.g. red wine, coffee), your new smile may not last as long as others. Not to worry though, because freshening up your whitened teeth is swift and painless.

Keep in mind that if you are pregnant or have cavities, gum disease, or worn-down enamel, you should not pursue a teeth whitening. Contact your dentist if you have more questions about the whitening process.

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