tooth decay

Sleep and Oral Health

The Connection between Sleep Disorders and Oral Health

Together, good nutrition, regular exercise and adequate sleep form the three pillars of wellness. While proper nutrition and regular exercise are widely discussed, sleep is often neglected. This situation is changing and there is a greater appreciation of sleep.  About 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems, according to …

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Remedies for bad breath

Start with a dental checkup to rule out these dental health problems that cause bad breath Gingivitis Periodontitis Plaque buildup Tooth decay Ask us to personalize a dental hygiene plan based on the condition of your mouth. For better breath, this can include Timed brushing of teeth in each quadrant …

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Treating dry mouth

Saliva protects against tooth decay, aids in chewing and swallowing food, increases our sense of taste, and prevents infections from making their home in our mouths and throats. Dry mouth due to a lack of saliva may be caused by disease, by certain medications, by medical treatments like radiation, or …

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