Do you need an electric toothbrush?

Our dental team recommends using an electric toothbrush to achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Because an electric toothbrush is so much more effective and efficient than a manual toothbrush, you will notice a difference with just a few uses. An electric toothbrush provides 30,000 strokes per minute versus 200 […]

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Which floss is best?

The best floss is one that will encourage daily use because it is Easy to use – A water irrigator, water pick, or electric flosser can help you remove food in hard-to-reach places—and is especially helpful if you have arthritis or braces or permanent dental work—but it doesn’t remove plaque

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Why you should use an oral rinse

Oral rinses and mouthwashes can help you improve your dental health and accomplish several different goals. You can Use child-friendly products to encourage your child to brush Rinse out food particles trapped where brushing and flossing didn’t reach Prevent cavities Strengthen tooth enamel Freshen breath Destroy the bacteria causing bad

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