Dentist fitting man with an occlusal guard

Occlusal Guards 101

In this post, we cover the basics of the occlusal guard. Also known as a night guard, this removable appliance worn at night can protect your teeth from damage and help alleviate symptoms often caused by clenching and grinding.

Do you need an electric toothbrush?

Our dental team recommends using an electric toothbrush to achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Because an electric toothbrush is so much more effective and efficient than a manual toothbrush, you will notice a difference with just a few uses. An electric toothbrush provides 30,000 strokes per minute versus 200 …

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Our happy friendly dentist

If there were one thing negative I had to say about Hughes & Hughes Family Dentistry, I would say it here. But there isn’t. Dr. Hughes has been our dentist since opening his office. He and his staff are professional, relaxed, friendly, cheerful, caring and sincere. There is no dread …

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