Thorough Dentist Examinations

dental examinationIt has always been our philosophy that proper dental treatment must begin with a complete examination. We cannot properly diagnose dental problems and determine how best to treat them without first gathering adequate information and data. An initial new patient appointment will be with one of our dentists and is one hour in length. The purpose of this appointment is two fold. Our staff will get to know each patient and the patient can establish a comfort level at our office. We will discuss any current dental issues and review their health history. Secondly, a dentist will learn the specific needs of each patient by way of a thorough examination of the teeth, bite and soft tissue of the mouth, including oral cancer screening. We will finish our data gathering with necessary dental films, impressions to make models of the teeth and photographs of the mouth. With all this information we can proceed to the next step of treatment planning and a consultation.

Treatment Planning & Consultation

dental treatment planningOnce we have the necessary data we are equipped to develop a treatment plan for our patient. Dr. Hughes or Dr. M. Hughes will sit down with the patient for a no charge consultation to explain different treatment plan options so the patient may make an informed decision. We will take as much time as needed to discuss things with the patient and answer any questions they have such as timing, cost and end results. When a patient makes a well-informed decision they are generally much happier as their treatment progresses and know exactly what to expect.

Complete Restorative Care

We offer the latest restorative options to treat dental problems, restore someone’s bite and keep it healthy. These include tooth colored fillings, porcelain fillings, bleaching, bonding, crowns, bridges, veneers, partial dentures and complete dentures. Our goal is to provide whatever the patient needs to keep their mouth in great shape for the rest of their life.

Dental Implants

dental implantsMissing teeth can cause challenges, from impaired speaking and eating, to shifting of the remaining teeth. Dental implants are a strong, long-lasting replacement option, whether one tooth is missing or multiple teeth are unsalvageable. An implant consists of a synthetic tooth root made of titanium, on top of which a dental implant crown (replacement tooth) is attached. In addition to replacing missing teeth, implants can be used to secure bridges and dentures. Dental implants provide improved chewing power and look natural. Our office utilizes 3D imaging for advanced information to plan implant procedures. More complete information is key to providing optimal results and improved patient care.

Cosmetic Services Including Bonding & Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry offers patients an easy way to create a more attractive smile. Discussing a patient’s smile is a part of every exam we do and becomes part of his or her overall treatment plan. Whether it involves some simple bleaching, bonding, veneers or crowns we can provide whatever the patient needs. We believe that a complete smile is both attractive and healthy.

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Excellent Hygiene Care & Dental Health Education dental hygiene

For dentistry to be successful, teeth, gums and bone around the teeth need to be healthy and clean. Good dental hygiene is essential to preserving teeth for a lifetime. Getting and keeping the mouth healthy is an integral part of our total patient care. Our hygienists are dedicated to making this happen through the preventative services and home care education they provide.

Caring Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric dentist extonIt is important to set a child on a path to good oral health, which begins at infancy. Early diagnosis and treatment of dental problems can minimize or eliminate more serious problems in the future. Our office is designed to help children have a fun and comfortable dental experience.

Invisalign® Treatment 

Invisalign dental practiceInvisalign is a new technology we offer that straightens teeth without metal braces. Virtually undetectable, Invisalign aligners are made of strong, clear plastic that gradually moves the patient's teeth into alignment. During an initial evaluation one of our dentists will help each patient determine if Invisalign is a good option. We will design a treatment plan and take tooth impressions, from which personalized tooth-straightening devices (called aligners) will be developed. Aligners slide over the patient's teeth and are replaced every two weeks. The length of treatment varies by case, however, the average case takes about 12 months for adults. The length of time necessary for a teen patient may vary and can be determined by one of our dentists. Patient checkups are scheduled here in the office about every six weeks.

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The iTero® Scanner 

The iTero® scanner is an exciting, new piece of technology that makes it easier to get impressions of our patients’ teeth. This means our patients won’t have to use the uncomfortable putty-based molds any longer! The iTero digitally captures a 3D model of the teeth and gums, which can be used to create crowns, bridges, implants and Invisalign® aligners. The impression process is far more comfortable than the putty-based method, as well as faster. During the scanning, patients can breathe as they would normally and even pause when they need to sneeze. For Invisalign users, the iTero scanner can even simulate what their new smile might look like.

GLO Science Professional Whitening

GLO teeth whiteningThis advanced teeth whitening technology offers patients the best teeth whitening experience and results—with fast appointments, superior results, and little to no sensitivity. GLO (Guided Light Optics) professional whitening features a mouthpiece that combines optimal warming heat and safe LED light to accelerate specially formulated hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. There are a variety of GLO teeth whitening options, designed to fit your lifestyle and whitening needs. We offer clinically proven GLO professional whitening in the office plus patient take-home kits—and we will customize the best whitening treatment for you. Schedule your GLO whitening appointment today!

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