Prevention versus Dental Emergency

Downingtown Emergency Dentist

At Hughes & Hughes Family Dentistry, we are here for you, and our goal is to keep you on track so you can avoid dental emergencies!

As an established patient, one of the first things we do is educate you in the best ways to care for your teeth at home. Caring for your oral health keeps your smile healthy and strong, making it less likely that you will have a dental emergency. Additionally, we go over all of our patients’ treatment needs. We work with your schedule to get your treatment done in a timely manner that suits your schedule and budget.

Some ways to start working on making your mouth healthier are to:

  1. Use an electronic toothbrush – 2x daily!
  2. Floss at least once a day, preferably before bedtime.
  3. See your dentist twice a year (every six months). At those visits, your teeth will be professionally cleaned, and the dentist will look for any warning signs such as decay, gum disease, infections, loose fillings, or crowns. Your hygienist and the dentist will explain any findings.

Even with the best of care, dental emergencies may still happen for you. By beginning to practice the three (3) steps listed above, it may lessen your chances of one. If you need an emergency dentist appointment, we are here for you.

Your mouth is a key to your total health.

Call us to make an appointment at 610-942-3321.  We care about your total health!




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