No more racing heart

kid in dental exam chairDuring a dental procedure, have you or your child ever experienced breaking out in a sweat, dizziness, or a racing heart? Be sure to tell us because this reaction can be prevented.

When it is the result of not knowing what to expect

When you schedule your appointment, our knowledgeable staff can tell you and your child what to expect. We also provide written instructions so you can plan ahead for pain relief, other medication doses, and after-care. Preparation and knowing what is normal can keep you calmer.

When it is the result of the local anesthetic

Some dental work requires numbing the area. Local anesthetics include a painkiller—a product like Lidocaine—and epinephrine, which prolongs the effectiveness of the painkiller and lessens bleeding by constricting blood vessels.

If you suspect allergies and have time before the dental procedure, contact your doctor about allergy testing. Few people are allergic to epinephrine because it occurs naturally in the human body as adrenaline, but you/your child may be allergic to Lidocaine or one of the preservatives in it.

A few adults and some small, often underweight, children suffer from extreme epinephrine sensitivity—the dizziness, sweating, and the feeling that your heart is beating out of your chest. If you or your child is one of this number, you know you don’t want to repeat the experience. Let us know so we can use a topical analgesic or an anesthetic without epinephrine for the dental procedure.

Whatever the case, let us help you plan to beat this racing heart problem.

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