How to stop grinding your teeth

dentist and patient at table reviewing dental caseTo stop grinding your teeth, start with a dental exam. Your dentist will review your unique circumstances and look for worn spots on your teeth caused by grinding or clenching your teeth. Only then will recommendations be made based on your unique situation. Solutions may include

  • A mouth guard to keep teeth from touching—this is worn over either your top or bottom teeth at night while you are sleeping
  • Medication for pain, tension reduction, or treatment of an underlying problem that leads to teeth grinding
  • Stress reduction therapy
  • Dental work to repair or replace damaged teeth that may be in the way of a well-aligned bite
  • Orthodontic treatment to align teeth so they don’t automatically rub when your mouth is closed in sleep

Don’t continue to lose sleep over grinding your teeth. Call Hughes and Hughes Family Dentistry at 610-942-3321 for your personalized solution.

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