How to remove more tartar from your teeth

There are 5 secrets to removing more tartar from your teeth:

young child removing tartar from teeth

  1. Use a tartar-fighting toothpaste
  2. Brush immediately after you finish eating and drinking
  3. Floss between all the teeth you want to keep
  4. Visit Hughes & Hughes family dentists twice a year for a dental exam and teeth cleaning
  5. Hold your toothbrush at the correct angle while brushing

Many people wrongly assume they are removing tartar as long as toothpaste touches their teeth. Instead, be more intentional in your efforts. Here’s how:

  • Brush thoroughly, with even, gentle pressure, brushing parallel to the tops of your molars or back teeth
  • Next focus on EACH tooth, going from the root (if it is exposed by receding gums) or neck of the tooth (at the gum line) upward, starting on the front side and holding the toothbrush handle parallel to your face
  • Repeat on the backside of each tooth after turning your toothbrush so the handle sticks straight out of your mouth, perpendicular to your face—giving you more leverage
  • If available, we recommend the use of an electric toothbrush over traditional brushes

If cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics present a tartar-removal challenge for you, ask our staff for a demonstration of brushing techniques during your next visit. If you are the parent or guardian of one of our pediatric dental patients, ask about cool tools to inspire good brushing.

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