How to pick a mechanical toothbrush

Follow these seven steps to pick a mechanical toothbrush that will help you keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright for years to come.

1. Determine whether you want an electric toothbrush or a battery-powered model. The availability of an electric outlet near your sink, environmental concerns, the cost of batteries, and how often you might be without electricity will all influence your decision.

2. Create a list of what you (and family members who may also be using the unit) need a mechanical toothbrush to do for you. Do you need a travel version, recharging options, help brushing because of lack of dexterity due to illness or injury, gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth, or another tool in your arsenal to fight gum disease?

3. Read reviews and ask your dentist for a recommendation.young lady with mechanical toothbrush

4. Establish your price limit. Purchase prices and features vary greatly. Like toothbrushes, mechanical toothbrush heads should be replaced every 3 months, so be sure to consider this in your cost.

5. Decide if you prefer a vibrating (sonic) or spinning toothbrush head.

6. If at all possible, hold the product in your hand. When you brush for 2 minutes after every meal, you need to know if the handle of your new toothbrush is too wide, too heavy, made with any material you are allergic to, or angled awkwardly for your use.

7. Check out the cleaning and care instructions and return policy before you buy.

As with a manual toothbrush, be sure to brush often and brush all sides of your teeth to remove the most food and plaque.

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