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Ask the kids’ dentist: is chewing gum good for my child?

According to the American Dental Association, chewing gum can be good for you and your child. Chewing gum increases saliva flow, which washes acids and food debris from your teeth instead of leaving them there to feed bacteria, cause cavities, and form plaque. Gum manufacturers have added additional benefits to their products. You can now […]

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Ask the kids’ dentist: when should I expect permanent teeth to replace baby teeth?

The emergence of permanent teeth is often heralded by a third set of molars that appear between your child’s sixth and seventh birthdays. These molars are permanent adult teeth that do not replace any baby teeth. Shortly thereafter, your child will develop the gap-tooth smile of the typical first grader and the baby-teeth-to-permanent-teeth replacement process […]

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When should my child have dental x-rays?

The American Dental Association recommends the following dental x-rays for children. Age of child Recommendation Child prior to the appearance of the first permanent tooth Only if there is evidence of disease Child with at least 1 permanent tooth Individualized recommendation of dentist Adolescent before 3rd molars appear Posterior bitewings with a panoramic exam Adolescent […]

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