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electronic cigarettes & dental health

Electronic cigarettes—good for your dental health?

Significant advertising dollars are being spent to convince you that electronic cigarettes are good for your dental health. However, extensive clinical research is lacking at present. Like cigarettes, e-cigarettes still contain nicotine although in a considerably smaller dose and in vaporized form. Nicotine contributes to addiction as well as to Bad breath Bruxism Cancers of […]

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calcium rich foods

What foods strengthen teeth and make me immune to cavities?

Avoid sugary foods and beverages. Consume calcium-rich foods like • Almond milk • Almonds • Apricots • Baked beans • Bread pudding • Broccoli • Cereal fortified with calcium • Cheddar cheese • Cheese omelet • Cheese pizza • Cheese quiche • Cheesecake (sugar free) • Cottage cheese • Cream • Custard • Feta cheese […]

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