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Dentist fitting man with an occlusal guard

Occlusal Guards 101

In this post, we cover the basics of the occlusal guard. Also known as a night guard, this removable appliance worn at night can protect your teeth from damage and help alleviate symptoms often caused by clenching and grinding.

are crooked teeth a health concern

Crooked Teeth: Cosmetic or Health Concern?

While cosmetic concerns are widely known as a reason to pursue orthodontic treatment, dental professionals are actually evaluating your mouth for symptoms beyond “crooked” teeth when considering lnvisalign or traditional braces.

Family Dentistry, Dr. Hughes DMD

The Lost Art of Listening

Hello, I am Dr. Hughes. In this age of texts, email, Instagram, Twitter, online everything; conversation, communication, and emotional interaction are becoming a thing of the past. I was boarding a plane recently and as I was walking down the aisle to find my seat; I saw three young ladies …

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